Technical development

Some headlines and features from the magazine Ny Teknik.

 The Baltic Sea is perfect for storage of carbon dioxide.  Not the sea itself, but the geological sediments below

 A new small car goes 100 km on 0,9 l. A Volkswagen hybrid, 2-seater. Somewhat special but still an indication of what is going on.

Fuel cells get longer life. The goal is 40 000 hours, which means a new technological level, according to researchers at Chalmers in Gothenburg.

 Molybdenum disulfide will beat both silicium and graphene. More effecient and energy saving electronics.

 There is a discussion on cold fusion. Very sceptical, but interesting. An Italian inventor/scientist has presented a new device and publicly demonstrated that an energy excess is produced. But everything is secret so the source of the energy cannot be proven. Unexpected chemical reactions, a falsification or maybe the start of a new epoch?

In any case much interesting development is going on. We should not stick to old ”truths” or even the data of today when trying to judge future development.  But catch the opportunities.

(Oops – det här hamnade få fel blogg. Men det får passera för en gångs skull)



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