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Sustainable Intensification – a well known idea.

juli 5, 2014


But FarmingForTomorrow – what is that?

FarmingForTomorrow, in Swedish FramtidsOdling, is a small company working in Sweden with the idea of Sustainable Intensification.

Sustainable Intensification: The message is that we have to increase agricultural production on the land we cultivate in order to keep pace with increased global demand. But we also need to reduce the environmental impact. It may involve advanced development of new varieties and methods. But in addition it must include general improvement work at farm level for raising yields and yield stability, saving input resources, reducing losses to the environment and improving or maintaining soil fertility.

Our main way of working is workshops with farmers, discussing improvement possibilities and methods which could be of interest.  However, the opposite communication route is just as important: to get information and inspiration from the farmers. The top farmers are to a great extent leading the development and they are an important driving force. Some topics: cover crops, soil tillage methods, nitrogen management (sensors etc), soil organic matter management.

Our surveys also show that, in spite of economy and competitiveness being most important, the knowledge and interest in environmental matters is considerable.

As a whole, these workshops have been very positive and inspiring.

They even gave inspiration for this blog.